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The Guides:

“I can assure you the private section is worth every penny!!!!” -jbcain

“Great guide assassin. I’ll be doing some work on my HTPC once this TV season ends. I see a few things in the guide that I want to try. Thanks for all of your hard work.” -Jackal55

“Just had a look at the new guide. I must say I wish I had this when I was getting into htpc’s. Would have saved me a ton of headaches.
What I like about this is for the user that doesn’t like to tinker nonstop this is a great way to get everything dialed in. Its all there layed out with tons of pictures and you really can’t screw it up. My wife to do it with this guide no problem. Got to give Assassin an A for this one and for anyone that is on the fence about it go for it you will not be disappointed.” -whiteboy714

“I just checked out assassins new paid guide. I believe it is the most current up to date, simplest, well put together guide/tutorial currently available. I think this guide alone is worth well more than $20 bucks, so Im stoked it also gives me a lifetime membership.
The guide is extremely simple and put together in a way where its so easy to follow youll be able to setup all software to get up and running with your new htpc watching media in 1080p w/ bitstreamed hd audio.
I consider myself fairly.knowledgeable when it comes too htpc’s. I’m far from an expert but I’ve well overcome the beginners hurdles. That being said someone of my experience can still definitly benefit from this guide. If your an expert who has been out of the “htpc scene” for a bit or if you well versed in another media center or your just an average htpc enthusiast I think this guide has something for everyone. Plus I’m excited about there being more in depth guides to follow to further expand my htpc abilities. Great guide!” -joeydrunk

“I second this….as soon as my case arrives I will be using this for sure to get my new system up and running. ‘Ole!” -AVTechMan

“I just read through your paid guides on your blog. Nice work Assassin! I really wish there had been something like this a few years ago! It would have saved me countless hours of searches, posts, and trial and error. I have set up numerous HTPC’s over the years and your guide boils the steps down to easy to follow steps for the novice and experienced user alike. For those of you setting up your first HTPC, this guide is well worth the money. It will save you hours of frustration and you’ll end up with a smooth running HTPC. Keep up the great work Assassin! I’m looking forward to your future updates!” -badgerpilot

“WOW. I went ahead and assembled a Clarkdale i3 HTPC with an DTV tuner in it and it now permanently resides in my home theater and is connected to my network. This would have never happened without the wealth of knowledge that assassin has about setting up HTPC’s. I’ve got the HTPC all hooked up and am in the process of setting up filters, splitters, codecs, metadata scrapers and such using assassin’s fantastic guides found on his blog page.
These guides are priceless but available for an unlimited use membership fee of only $20 which is way less than cost of retail software to run an HTPC. They come with great graphics and concise step-by-step instructions on how to set up each software component needed for great playback of all your media. Another value for the money. Thanks assassin.”  -Sammy2

“Assassin I love the guide. The pictures will especially help since this is my first time doing anything with a HTPC.” -pjb16

“Excellent guide btw assassin. Can’t stress how much of a help your guide has been. Keep up the good work!” -amarshonarbangla

“3 more great guides man! Perfect complete step by step instructions. With those 3 you pretty much have every single online channel available. If there’s anybody new here I highly recommend you check this out. I so wish I had this when I first set up.” -joeydrunk

“I Just signed up for a membership at Assassin’s blog. I suggest everyone here do the same. Priceless information for the HTPC builder and you’re supporting the man behind the wheel here. Thank You.” -jes.jr

Thank you for the guide, it has totally helped me out.” -nombrecinq

Ok WOW! So I finally just finished reading the paid guides on your blog. It took me forever because there was so much detailed and useful info. I wish that it was all there when I started  because it would have saved me like 2 weeks of bashing my head on the keyboard. I’m going to send [everyone] to assassins and tell them to buy his guides and sit back and enjoy!” -hanly2

“Best $20 bucks I spent so far. I just found the solution to a problem I have been working on for weeks. I should have started at Assassin’s guide rather than ending there.” -CountryBumkin

I’d like to thank Assassin for his (ongoing) help and guide. It made the software side extremely easy.” -pjb16

“Fantastic guide. Yesterday I became a member on your site. You have helped me through this process & your new guides are perfect for me to understand and will be working on the software side this week. If you are looking to build a htpc then this is the man to see. Keep up the great work” -Red Wolf

“I finally got through most of the paid guides. The guide will take your HTPC from an empty box to full throttle in an hour or so. I am sure the information is out there if you want to spend the time googling and reading forums. Assassin’s guide will take you through step by step and it’s all in on place. This will get your HTPC to the wife-acceptable point. Heck, she might even think your HTPC idea was so great she will even let you upgrade to that projector you want. …well at least that’s what I am hopping for! Thanks, Assassin!” -davemathews68

“Agreed dude…for $20.00 this is a no brainer. I know my time is worth more than that and I guarantee that in TIME ALONE, I’m well over a grand and I’m still not completely sure everything is right. You’ve done all the research for the New People who want to get into the hobby as well as giving the older timers (like me) something new to chew on. All for $20.00? If someone thinks it’s not worth it…they can feel free to find all the info on their own. As I was reading the information, I was thinking to myself “had this been available BEFORE I bought software, I could have saved myself the green”…looks like you are making it work for nearly nothing. Anyway….great guides dude…absolutely great.” -Paul E. Fox, II

“So, you just built an HTPC and you’re spending hours/days/weeks pouring over the Internet looking for the answers to all of your setup questions. Search no more; most if not all of your answers are in Assassin’s guide. It’s well written, logically arranged, beautifully illustrated, with great analogies, to help you get up and running FAST! Keep your sanity- GET THE GUIDE!

“Your guide on installing the software for the htpc is worth way more than the $20.00 that you charge. Your guide and tutorial are priceless imo.” -Tommy U.

“Best 20 dollars I’ve ever spent. I’ve spent hours trying to get my subtitles working. In about 5 minutes, I’ve got it working thanks to your guide. Fantastic work.” -thefever

“He’s the best resource out there—and once you get everything, buy his $20 guide….it was the best thing i did for my HTPC.” -mike10778

“First, I would say thank to Assassin, the guide saves me a lot of work, this guide is worth the price and even more, again, Thanks Assassin” -snef

“Just wanted to say Many Thanks for the setup guide for installing/configuring software on my HTPC. The thing is SMOKIN’ FAST and now it looks great thanks to the guide. Was able to rip a BD movie no problem” –NightowlKY

“BTW assassin, your guide was worth every penny. I had my system up and running within a couple hours with no headaches thanks to you. Great job.” -CloudVader

“Assassin’s paid guides are well worth the cost. Even if you are like me and have a lot of experience in system building, the step by step software setup guides make the setup fast and painless.” -greypilgram

“I just built my first HTPC two weeks ago and wanted to make sure my wife could pick up a remote and basically accomplish what she did with the comcast cable box (watch tv, view a guide, record shows, watch the recorded shows) in addition to now being able to watch our dvds/blu rays without having to touch a disk. It was really important that this was done via remote and she wasn’t having to touch a mouse, keyboard, turn on the computer everyday, etc. To make it simple, I paid $20 for Assassin’s guide and used his recommended software, but the $20 was best spent towards the configurations of media browser to make everything look impressive and easy to use. Even his section on how to make media center open directly to live tv was a big plus with the wife. So, now, my wife uses the Rosewill Windows 7 remote to turn on the tv and wake the computer (like she would turn on the cable box) and it goes right into the live tv guide to see what was on. Since we primarily watch television during the week, this is no different than when we had Comcast. Plus, if she wants to watch a movie/dvd, the media browser is accessed from the remote and everything looks impressive. The WAF (wife approval factor) was so great that she let me cancel cable after about the 2nd day (I was going to use both for a month to make sure she approved the HTCP for everyday use).” -jcbaggins

“I would say a very big thanks to Assassin for the guide, im not sure i will make it if the guide dosnt exist. Thanks and i will continue to follow your update. I follow step by step Assassin’s guide” -snef

“Assassins guides (worth every penny!)” -cybersnot

“Thanks to Assassin’s Guides I got my HTPC built and up and running this weekend without a hitch!” -Juvey67

“Kudos to Assassin for his easy to follow but indepth guide to setting up my new HTPC.” -xyphr3

“Okay, started reading through the guides and they are very detailed, which I really like. Setting up computers is often a very exacting process and these guides offer very good step by step info.” -rstarr

“Thanks for taking the time to put the guides together. They are top notch! If anyone is on the fence about setting up an HTPC, stop worrying, buy Assassin’s guides, build one, and start watching the best DVR you have ever seen.” -cow4moo

“Just bought premium membership for the guides you have written and I am already very impressed. It is simple, well presented, and explain all of the acronyms on here that I had never come across before.” -bubbachunk

“The $20 you pay for the guides is well worth it. There’s so much info in there your going to be like “That’s the best $20 I spent in a long time.” At least I am saying that =)” -Limp Fox

“So I consider myself moderately knowledgeable with all things HTPC. In general I do a lot of computer related work. When I made my first HTPC four years ago I had a good grip on what was needed to get started. I ended up taking a few months getting everything exactly as it should be. Even after asking questions around various forums and looking at free guides.  Fast forward to today where I have recently re-examined the things I want me HTPC to do. I look back and that and decided it just wasn’t worth my time to have to research and tinker until I achieve my new goals. That’s where Assassin’s paid guide comes into play. I was very skeptical handing over my $20, especially knowing that I can get things working. But why waste that time? After my many frustrating attempts to get things working right in the past, Assassin’s guide seemed the way to go. And I am very glad I did fork over that $20. For someone like me that has plenty of knowledge on HTPC, I still find it useful. Another great example of it’s usefulness for an experience HTPC goer is when setting up a new HTPC. I often find myself looking through my old bookmarks, finding broken links, older codec packs that no one uses and sometimes just forgetting various steps. Having everything I need to know, well documented and links is fantastic. Even if you are all caught up with your machine and his various mods/tweaks the guide still is useful. In summary, if you want to get things done quicker and enjoy your HTPC as it was meant to be, then I suggest getting Asassin’s paid guide.” -FantaXP7

“I am very computer literate and I COULDNT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT THE GUIDES! I am very happy with how it turned out. I had one stumbling block with a bad motherboard. I figured that out pretty quickly and got a new one sent to me and have had no problem with the new build since. All but two movies i have ripped work perfect now! Excellent quality and clarity. I think i am only through the second guide?” -dpnaylor

“By the way, if you haven’t bought Assassin’s pay guides, do so. Makes it so much easier to set everything up and gives him a nice little thank you for providing such a great free guide as well.” -Jobber8742

” I bought your guides and they are great. Thanks!” -joedeman1969

“I want to take the opportunity to recognize the incredible work that assassin does on this board and through his guides for all of us. It’s amazing that as a business he takes the time to answer/recommend for all of us so selflessly. Why, so we can all experience great convenience, video and sound (oh and by the way save is all a bit of pocket change). It is resources like this that are the pillar of this community. Kudos to you man!” –mariob33

“great job, this is the best 20$ i never spend on any computer product” -snef

“Like any PC, an HTPC has its limitations. I took the plunge and built one last month and so far it’s about as close to “set and forget” as can be even though I still haven’t set up the remote/wireless input, but everything else seems to work flawlessly. Assassin’s paid guide is worth every penny. This was my first experience with Win7 and I was amazed at how well the install went. The only thing I can’t advise on is BR playback as I’m still using my standalone player, but I am watching TV, listening to music, playing DVD’s, and surfing the internet with hardly any tweaking or futzing with it.” -Taperwood

“I built my first HTPC for my family several months ago and thanks to Assassin’s guides and a decent mce remote, my (also very technologically challenged) wife and extended family use my media center pc with ease daily. In fact, my wife loves it.” -Josh3693

“I would not even consider building a htpc with out going to Assassins guides and make the donation for all the guides. The free stuff alone is worth the cost of the donation let alone what you get on top of it for the paid stuff.” -flocko 

“I just finished building my first htpc and I have to agree with flocko on ponying up for Assassins guides. They saved me hours when it came to getting software installed and configured. Worth every penny. I would still be struggling through hours of forum research if I had opted to go it alone.” -mandophish

“After a few weeks using my HTPC, I just wanted to come back and thank Assassin again for the priceless advice. This past weekend I’d enjoyed watching some kickass 1080 movies while also impressing some friends.” –pman555

“I have been building custom pc’s and gaming rig/servers for 20 years. I have never built an htpc always relied on my tivo… Because of reading your work and actually understanding what you were talking about without having to google every other word I finally did it. I have been procrastinating to my wife for over 2 years I was gonna do this. Watched your videos and seen the pics and that was the deal maker. I was druiling like a 7 year old Christmas morning. I have my htpc built and up and running… looking at others that did their setups bitching and moaning and their junk crashes all the time runs slow… Now that I feel like a professional I am teaching them and telling them what to do. They all asked how the hell I got so knowledgeable in a weeks time. They have had their htpc for years and are still dumbasses with it. I sent them to your site and now they are all rebuilding their systems following your guide. I know the countless hours and money spent testing things you put forth and because of people like you people like me that work 100 hrs a week can fit time into doing a build without wasting time. It is well worth my money” – T.G. Wilson

“Well, I’ve almost finished building my HTPC, still waiting on the optical drive. But, I’m through guides 1-5 and I have to say the HTPC is better than I had hoped… and I still have other functionality (explained in the guides) I plan on adding… perhaps a lot more. I don’t want to post a long critique of The Guides but suffice it to say: 1. Of the $900 I spent on my parts the $25 on The Guides was without a close second the best and most important. 2. I can’t think of anything I’ve recently purchased for under $50 of such value. 3. I completely understand why many subscribers make an extra donation. I’m too cheap, but I am working on a song, ‘The Assassin Guides’.” -mattiedread

Many more. But you get the point….

The Builds:

“I thoroughly enjoy the benefits of technology. Yet, I was too busy to build, a bit intimated to try, and the thought of tinkering with software, stressed what little patience I have. Assassin HTPC was my turn-key solution. The process was personal. My build was tailored to fit my needs and requirements. Assassin HTPC guided the parts selection, spending my money wisely. The service was professional and responsive. I’m so thrilled, I’m planning on a second build!” -Dan from Gainesville, GA

“I just wanted to give some feedback on my Assassin HTPC. It was built for me about a week ago, and I have to say it has been one of the best additions to my home theater. It works as advertised, it is fast, quiet and looks great.
One of the most important points I would like to bring up is the service I got with Assassin HTPC builder, He was very informative, patient and delivered like promised. He kept me informed via E Mail every step of the way and when my HTPC arrived it was in perfect condition, I took the side panel off and it was a very clean installation, all the hardware and wiring looked professional. I debated on building it myself but once I recieved the total cost after I bought my parts I figured I would let the professionals take this one, and I am glad I did. It came ready to go all software configured and a tutorial folder right on the desktop. I already have friends asking where they can get one. If you are not sure on building one just pay the extra cost and have it done for you. It is worth it. I attached some images of the tower and some shots off the Plasma. Thanks again for a great build.” – Leon from Rochester, NY

“I’ve been enjoying my second Assassain built HTPC for several months now. The system works flawlessly. It runs and functions as advertised – all the time. It’s the hub of my family’s entertainment. In fact, my 11-year old son, navigates and operates the system with ease. The HTPC was custom built to meet my computing and home entertainment needs. Assassin HTPC expertly guided me, wisely spending my hard earned money on the quality parts my system needed. Customer service is second to none. When you communicate with Assassain HTPC, you deal directly with the people who built and set-up your computer. You don’t get this level of service elsewhere.  In addition, questions and requests are responded very quickly. Besides the systems I own, I am also a subscriber to the paid guides. With them, I’ve since customized and tweaked the units. The detailed, step-by-step instructions saved hours of time and frustration. I would not have had the confidence or knowledge to make such changes without the guides.” –Dan from Gainesville, GA

“I ended up going with an Assasin HTPC. Between the MANY emails, questions and patience these guys had with me. I got their Deluxe model.. scraping up a few more bucks than I had. I figured it was best investment once I get my whole gig up and running… I just have to say, What a major relief it was to unpack this and hook up directly to my system. Right out of the box, I was able to do a few configs, get online and stream video at speed/sound I never knew existed. My goal was to watch a competition in Scotland that is broadcasted live (bagpipes) and by far it was like I was sitting there. Years prior I tried my laptop and other pc’s. But this is no comparison. Again, thanks especially to Assassin. He went well beyond the normal customers service. I knew they were good to go when he said ” I don’t care if you buy from me, I just want you to have the right setup and knowledge for what you are looking for”… dam good!” -Peter from Frederick, MD

More coming very soon…

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