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Welcome to Assassin HTPC Server Guides:

This site is devoted to showing you how to add a server to your HTPC to get the most out of your media collection. getting your HTPC up and running in the best and easiest way possible. Once you are a registered paid user you will have full access to everything required to get your added to your HTPC in no time!

My goal of these guides is to take some of the fear and intimidation out of adding a server to hold and access your media collection. In these guides  I have painstakingly detailed step-by-step illustrated guides on how to setup, configure and use your server in a matter of a few minutes as opposed to many weeks of learning, setting up and time spent tweaking. My guides not only work — but work extremely well.

This is the guide that you have been searching for…

Server table of Contents:


Hardware & Bios

Hardware Components 

Server Bios


FlexRaid Overview

Installing FlexRaid

FlexRaid Initial Configuration

FlexRaid Scheduler

E-mail Notification in FlexRaid

Checking the Log in FlexRaid

Creating Network Shares in FlexRaid

Installing FlexRaid Updates

Manually Check Your Array

Adding a Drive to Your FlexRaid Array

Replacing a Failed or Failing Hard Drive in FlexRaid


Introduction to Unraid

Preparing Your Flash Drive

Verifying and Accessing Unraid From a PC

Assigning Disks in Unraid

Building the Parity in Unraid

Checking the Parity Drive

Setting Up the Network

Share Settings

Export Settings


Introduction to SnapRAID

SnapRAID Installation

Installing the GUI

Setting Up Your Drives



Installing and Using CrashPlan

CrashPlan Mobile App



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