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Assassin HTPC - Watch What We Do!

Guide Master Table of Contents:

Start Here –> Download our Setup

Bios & Windows

Configuring Bios

Installing Windows 7

Install Windows from a USB (or create a Windows DVD)

Windows Driver Installation

Adding a Second Hard Drive (or a new hard drive if you are adding one)

Installing an Anti-Virus Program

Connecting Your HTPC to your HDTV Correctly

Creating a System Repair Disc

Creating a System Image

Restoring from a System Image

Power Settings for the HTPC

Basic HTPC


Adding a FanArt or Picture Screensaver

Lock Your Settings

Adding Parental Controls

Locking Viewtypes (Kiosk Mode)

Disabling Menu Options (and making them disappear)

Changing Backgrounds of your Menu Items

Fixing Missing or Wrong Metadata within Kodi


Plex Server for Your HTPC

Installing Plex Media Center

Installing the Plex App For Mobile Devices


Setting Up JRiver

Playback Settings

The Theater View Inteface

Configuring the Weather


Media Center Master (MCM)

Using Media Center Master to Update Metadata

Other Tips and Tricks for Media Center Master

Advanced HTPC


How to Change Boot Options (and boot directly to Kodi)


Installing the PlexAeon Skin

Installing Skins with Preen

myPlex Media Queue

Sharing myPlex Servers and Media

J River

Adding a 3rd Party Skin to Change the Look of JRiver

Gizmo Tablet Control (HTPC Setup)

Gizmo Tablet Control (Tablet Setup)

Gizmo Tablet Control (Using Gizmo)


Audiophile HTPC

Introduction to the Audiophile HTPC

Configuring Windows for JRiver (Audiophile)

Configuring the JRiver Media Center Audio (Audiophile)

Configuring Other Audio Options (Audiophile)

Configuring JRiver for Surround Sound (Audiophile)

Ripping Audio CDs and Bluray Discs (Audiophile)

Setting Up Multiple Zones (Audiophile)

Other JRiver Tips (Audiophile)

Multi-Room Listening and Viewing with “Satellite” Computers (Audiophile)

Streaming & Downloading

Using VPN for Internet Protection

Installing and Configuring uTorrent

Improving Streaming in Kodi w/ Easy Advanced Settings

Improving Streaming on FIRE STICKS w/ Kodi w/ Easy Advanced Settings

Premium Streaming Sites Comparison

Premium Streaming Site Integration (into Kodi)


Live TV Setup

TV Tuners

Adding an Internal TV Tuner Device

Adding a Network Tuner Device

Windows 7 w/ WMC

Adding TV Channel Logos to WMC

Adding TV Channel Logos to WMC

Removing Channels from your EPG

Recording Live TV in WMC

Starting WMC in Live TV Mode

Converting Recorded TV with MC-TVConverter for size reduction

Increasing Replay and Pause Buffer Duration in WMC

Using the Ceton Companion App

Windows 7 w/ WMC & Kodi

Enabling WMC Live TV within Kodi

Windows 10 w/ Kodi & Next PVR

Enabling Live TV in Kodi with NextPVR

Advanced Customizations

Automatic Commerical Removal

(Easiest) Transcoding to a Smaller File Size and Removing Commercials Automatically from Recorded TV (Option 1)

Transcoding to a Smaller File Size and Removing Commercials Automatically from Recorded TV (Option 2)

Recorded TV: Transcode to a Smaller File Size, Remove Commercials, Download Artwork and Refresh Media Browser all Automatically (Option 3)

MC-TVConverter for Recordings (Option 4)


Hardware & Bios

Hardware Components 

Server Bios


FlexRaid Overview

Installing FlexRaid

FlexRaid Initial Configuration

FlexRaid Scheduler

E-mail Notification in FlexRaid

Checking the Log in FlexRaid

Creating Network Shares in FlexRaid

Installing FlexRaid Updates

Manually Check Your Array

Adding a Drive to Your FlexRaid Array

Replacing a Failed or Failing Hard Drive in FlexRaid


Introduction to Unraid

Preparing Your Flash Drive

Verifying and Accessing Unraid From a PC

Assigning Disks in Unraid

Building the Parity in Unraid

Checking the Parity Drive

Setting Up the Network

Share Settings

Export Settings


Introduction to SnapRAID

SnapRAID Installation

Installing the GUI

Setting Up Your Drives



Installing and Using CrashPlan

CrashPlan Mobile App