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Kodi Basics

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Table of Contents:

Adding a FanArt or Picture Screensaver

Lock Your Settings

Adding Parental Controls

Locking Viewtypes (Kiosk Mode)

Disabling Menu Options (and making them disappear)

Changing Backgrounds of your Menu Items

Fixing Missing or Wrong Metadata within Kodi

How to Change Boot Options (and boot directly to Kodi) (advanced)

Improving Streaming in Kodi w/ Easy Advanced Settings (Advanced)

Improving Streaming on FIRE STICKS w/ Kodi w/ Easy Advanced Settings (Advanced)

Kodi is the next generation of what started as XBMC. Wanting to move away from the XBox identity and more towards their own so they formed Kodi in 2015.  Kodi gets updated frequently (a couple times a year) and we would recommend only updating once a stable version is released.  Be prepared (even though it shouldn’t happen) for your settings to be wiped out when you update.  So think twice if you really need to update or not!

You can click here for the latest Kodi download.



In my opinion adding a video fanart or Music fanart screensaver is a big upgrade from non or the standard dim after X amount of time and even gives some enjoyment to the time you aren’t using your system!

Also, adding a personal picture slideshow of your family or friends is always a wife and crowd favorite!

  1. Click S on the Main Menu and go to settings.

2. Click Appearance, then Screensaver, then click Screensaver Mode


3.Click Screensaver Mode And select a Picture Slideshow Screensaver:


4. Once you select that, hit Settings.


5. Here select where you want Video Fanart, Music Fanart, or an Image folder that you put pictures into.


Table of Contents


Its a good idea once you get your system setup the way you want it to lock your settings so wandering hands (and yes, lots of people will want to play with your device) will not be able to mess with integral settings of your machine.

1.Click S on the Main Menu and go to settings.


2. Navigate to SYSTEM then MASTER LOCK.


3. Click on Master Lock Code and Settings.


4. From there you can tell it what you would like it to lock.  If you aren’t sure.  We recommend Settings, Programs, Add-ons, and file manager.

5. It will ask you to create a code.  Now whenever you click on any one of these links on Kodi, it will prompt you for a password before allowing you to enter that screen!

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Parental Controls – Allows you to setup parental controls where you must enter a pass code to watch content above a certain MPAA rating of your choosing.

1) Select “Parental Controls” from submenu.  The first time it runs it will ask you to set a password using the directional arrows.


2) Enter your pass code to get to the settings.

3) Once in your settings you can choose what the highest rating you want to be able to be watched without entering in the pass code for TV and Movies individually.

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  1. Click S for Settings

2. Go to Add-ons, My Add-ons, Program Add-ons.

3.Select C on the Parental Controls Add-on.



4. Enable Parental Controls


5. Press Enter to Launch or press C on Parental Control Add-on again and press Launch.

6. It will first ask you to set a passcode.


7. Now it will ask what rating it will allow you to watch without having to enter in this pass code.


 *Please keep in mind this does not work with 100% of files.  They have to be tagged and marked correctly for it to work.  Always test movies you have in your library if you are worried about this!

Table of Contents

Disabling Viewtypes (Enabling Kiosk Mode)

Sometimes you may want to disable the ability to change view types.  Kiosk mode disables the slide out media menu in the library as well as well as certain buttons in the media information dialogue and allows the user to experience Assassin Media Systems but have a completely locked down system that cannot be change or altered.  To disable this is a very easy solution.

1) Press “S” and enter Settings.  Go to Skin.


2) Click Appearance, Skin, Settings


3. Click Advanced, Then Turn on Kiosk Mode.



Lets say for one reason or another your movie you just saved in your system is showing up incorrect, or you’re just tired of or don’t like the artwork it has and want something new.

1) The first thing to do is make sure the movie name of the parent folder are named correctly.  If you have the actual Movie Folder Name Toy Story and then the Movie File itself is named “Toy Story 2” it could pull in either metadata information.  This is the #1 reason for incorrect Metadata.

2) Make sure the Year is correct.

3) Make sure you have not mis-spelled anything.

4) Revert to #1.

To manually change Metadata, lets follow the below instructions.

In this example, we accidentally named the movie Batman instead of “Batman Begins” and we show that it is pulling in the wrong Metadata.  The correct way to fix this would be go into the media folder, delete all the metadata that is there, and rename the file correctly.

However, we will show you a shortcut version as well.

First right click (or press C) on the movie and select “Movie Information”.


From here there are 2 things you can do.

The first is press “Refresh”


Now it will bring up all the Batman Movies it can find.


Simply Navigate to the correct one and press enter.


You can see now it has the correct Metadata for the movie we originally wanted.


Fixing Missing Metadata or Changing Metadata to show up within KODI (option 2)

A second alternative is every once in a while, a background or folder picture won’t show up in KODI.  It will be a blank folder or blank background for the movie you’ve selected.

Or you just want a different artwork to be used.

Here is a trick we’ve learned to force them to show up or force changes.

*Keep in mind sometimes it takes KODI a little while to recognize the movies.  So if it’s a recent addition, I would suggest waiting a little while to see if the artwork shows up.

If it does not:

Right click or Press “C” on the movie folder and press “Movie Information”.


A common occurrence of this is that it artwork will show up on this screen but nowhere else.

Now Navigate to Choose Art.  It will show the current art it is using.


Now click on the piece of art you want to force to show up or to change.


The simply select a different “Remote art”.


Now you can see your artwork has changed and it will magically appear immediately when you exit!



Table of Contents