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How to Change Boot Options (and boot directly to Kodi)




How to Change Bootup Options (and boot directly to Kodi)

We’ve included in our setup a neat little program called Launcher 4 Kodi.  If you don’t have Launcher 4 kodi, you should get it as it lets you customize your HTPC so it seems more like a dedicated Media Server than a computer.  This could mean it being locked down to only boot to the media interface (never the desktop) or various other levels of it being locked down.

You can Download Launcher 4 Kodi HERE.

Keep in mind it lives in your tray are on the bottom right of your screen.

It also allows you to have the option of booting directly into Kodi and either going to your desktop when you quit Kodi or having it shut down your computer completely so you never see your desktop at all.

To adjust these settings, first click on the Launcher4Kodi icon the Assassin setup installer has placed on your desktop or find it running in the taskbar in the bottom right of your screen (right click it–>show gui).


Now we have a couple options depending on the Tab we choose.

The first tab is the startup settings:

If you want Kodi to start as soon as the system powers on.  Have the first option selected!  This is a good option to select if you want Kodi to originally what the system boots to but if you close out of Kodi you would return to your desktop.


The tab is the Focus settings.  I prefer to have this setting to be set as “Disable Focus Permanently” so if I have any programs run alongside or launch a program from within kodi like netflix, etc.  Kodi will allow it to stay on top.  If this is not checked Kodi will keep putting itself in the front after the “Focus Delay” amount of seconds!


 The next tab is the exit settings.  Basically you have one main option and that is if you want the Desktop to appear after you close Kodi or not.  If you do, make sure “Start Windows Explorer when Kodi is closed” is checked. If you want the system to simply turn off (or just remain a black screen) leave this unchecked.


The Next tab “Kodi/iMON Path” is the path to Kodi which we have already configured for you in the installer.

No decisions needed there.

The External Players Tab is if you want to incorporate any external software to play anything through Kodi (such as Total Media Theatre 5 or WinDVD etc) for direct blu-ray playback from a disc for example or Plex server for serving up your files to other devices with the PlexApp on it.


The Tabs External Apps Group 1, 2 and 3 can be very helpful.  If you do want your system to never boot to the desktop, you can still launch some programs you may need at startup so they startup along with Kodi.  A good example of this that we have setup for you is PLEX.  We have PLEX Server startup quietly in the background along with Kodi that way it will continue to serve up your files to other devices that might need it.  Other programs you may want to consider this for are programs such as couchpotato, commercial removal programs, torrent related programs or tablet/phone control programs.


The last tab is the Shell Tab.  This tab will tell the system to either start windows (even if its in the background with the kodi startup setting selected) or ONLY launching the Launcher4Kodi.  If you choose Launcher4Kodi that means that you will never see your desktop.  When you exit your Kodi interface.  Your system will turn off.  When you start it up, it will boot directly to Kodi.


*KEEP IN MIND:  The only way to get to the desktop if you want Launcher4Kodi to be your shell is to jump start Windows Explorer by hitting: control+alt+delete–>Task Manager–> Processes–>New Process–>and then typing in “explorer” into the dialogue box.

This could be a good thing though if you have lots of little fingers in your house that like to take your controller and mess with settings!

This should give you all the options you need to fine tune to your liking the way you newly configured HTPC looks and acts like a truly dedicated media system unit!