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Plex – Advanced

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Plex Advanced

Table of Guides (with quicklinks):

Installing the PlexAeon Skin

This guide will show you how to install and use the PlexAeon skin for Plex which is my favorite skin for Plex.

First, download the zip file from the developer’s website here

Now let’s move the zipped folder to C: -> Users -> Your User Name -> AppData -> Local -> Plex -> addons and unzip the file there

Now let’s open Plex and go to “Preferences” -> “Appearances” and then select “Skin”

This will bring up a submenu. Now change to “PlexAeon”

Immediately the skin changes to the new PlexAeon

This skin is much more flexible and customizable. You can change and personalize PlexAeon to fit how you want to use Plex

Let’s exit out of the “Preferences” menu and return to the mainscreen. Let’s enter “Movies” so I can show you some of the great ways to view your media using this skin

This view is called “Old Multiplex”. Also notice that on many of these themes you can also change the dimness, borders, reflection colors, etc.



“Info Wall”



“Clear List”

“Poster Half”

“Full List”

“Low List”



Installing Skins with Preen

Now that you know how to install a skin manually let me show you Preen. Preen uses a database to install skins on Plex. The great thing about using Preen is that many of the available skins are in one place and installing one of them is as easy as a few mouse clicks.

If not already installed you will need to install Microsoft.Net 4.0 here first.

Now install the latest version of Preen found here (link at the bottom of the first post)

Preen is a .exe file and you will need to run it from the folder it was downloaded into. Let’s run Preen now. As you can see you are given a list of possible skins to download. Let’s highlight “reFocus Back to Blue” and select “Install/Update”

Note: You can see a quick preview of each skin by highlighting it and selecting “View Preview”

Preen will now download your skin

Once finished let’s open Plex Media Center. Go to Settings/Preference and then Appearance

Go to skin and then select “Skin”

Highlight the skin that you want to use and hit enter

Your new skin is now installed and active

Now you can quickly and easily try out a few different skins using Plex.


myPlex Media Queue

This guide will show you how to use a really slick feature in Plex called the myPlex Media Queue. As you will see you can add streaming online files to your Plex Media Center from any device that can access the internet.

First, let’s go to the myPlex Queue website here and log on to your myPlex account

On this page you can see the main screen on the myPlex Queue website. Here you can see the various ways you can add online video to your Plex Media Center. You can also email a link to your myPlex queue email address (see below) from any mobile device and it will be added as well. Since I prefer to use Google Chrome as my browser (and was using Chrome during the creation of this guide) I am going to install the “Unofficial Chrome Extension”

Install the Chrome Extension

Click “Add”

Notice the Plex Queue extension icon in the top right corner of your browser

Now let’s go find an online video you want to watch in Plex. This happens to be one of my favorites. Simply click on the “myPlex Queue Extension” in the top right corner and it will add it to your Queue. Alternatively you could have sent the link to your Queue email address as described above

Now let’s open Plex and go to your Queue

Select the video you want to play

Now tell Plex what quality you want

Enjoy your Queue videos in Plex!

Note: Plex Queue may not work on every website but does work on most of them like YouTube


Sharing myPlex Servers and Media

Another really great feature of myPlex is the ability to share your media with family and friends. You can select which friends are able to see your pictures, watch home movies, HD movies, TV shows, listen to music, etc. You can let them use all of your media or just some of it depending on what you choose.

To get started go to the myPlex website here and click on “Servers”

Here you can see your media server and what media servers you are currently sharing

Send an email invitation to whomever you want to share your server with

Now you can see who you sent an invitation to and who currently has access

Once the request has been accepted you can view who has access, change what is shared and also remove who has access

What a great way to share media with family and friends!

screenshot (5)