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Using Media Center Master to Update Metadata


Media Center Master is a more robust metadata retrieval program than KODI’s built in ones.  It has several options that can assist in tricky metadata.

You can get to Media Center Master Several ways.

1) In the KODI System Menu, click Submenu –> MCM (or Metadata Scraper)

2) Start Media Center Master

3) Click bottom right hand tray and open through Tray Icon.

Missing Metadata will be highlighted in Red.  Incomplete Metadata will be in Yellow ( which is less important and can generally be ignored).

You can also navigate to the movie or TV Show that it has incorrect metadata for, right click, press “Delete Metadata” and then right click again and tell it to Fetch Metadata as a TV Show.

It also can allow you to create “collections” so that you don’t have 25 James Bond Movies spread out all over your movies folder, but instead they are in one James Bond Collection.

Sometimes your system might get confused or lost with pulling in Metadata.  Or some metadata might appear to be missing.  For this reason, we have installed and configured quietly in the background a program called Media Center Master that is always running and waiting for you to use it.

If your new Assassin HTPC was a car, Media Center Master MCM is the “GPS Navigation system” of your new vehicle. KODI has metadata scrapers of its own, but none as robust and versatile as MCM.  We recommend using it frequently to update your data. It is responsible for automatically retrieving your cool artwork and metadata. Your Assassin HTPC has been configured so that everything is stored “locally” which means that all the metadata and artwork is stored in the actual folder of the movie. This results in much quicker response times when loading large libraries, backdrop and metadata.

  1.   MCM uses the IMDB (Internet Movie Database- to download all of its great data and artwork. So to help MCM it really helps to have your movies labeled exactly like they are on IMDB. Are you adding “The Matrix”? Is it called “The Matrix” or just “Matrix”? This may make a difference to MCM – especially if the movie is rare or a little more obscure or even worse if there are tons of them (like Batman)
  1.   Also it really helps to have the year it was released in parenthesis – especially if there have been more than 1 movie released with the same name or a remake done of it. Are you adding the recent “Alice in Wonderland” with Johnny Depp? Then it should be labeled as: Alice In Wonderland (2010) so it doesn’t get confused with the Disney: Alice in Wonderland (1951).

Now let’s work on getting Media Center Master to get us all of that great artwork and metadata. Please note that AssassinHTPC has pre-configured your settings to work with our systems. Changing other settings may result in your HTPC not working properly.

  1.   First lets open MC by clicking in the bottom right hand toolbar to and looking for the icon that looks like this:  (it may check for updates while opening).
  1.   Next you will notice three panels. On the left is where all of your current movies will be located. On the top right is the screen that shows you what MCM is currently doing or retrieving. On the bottom right is a snapshot of what it has downloaded so that you can make sure everything is correct.  This should be empty if you are just opening this for the first time.
  1.   You can add more folders for it to look for movies into by going to  “Application” and then “Set Scan Folders”.  We have them already setup to look in your Movies and TV Shows folder but this is an example if you wanted to separate all your HD Movies from your regular definition ones.

For an example we have put a few files in for practice for you to see:

  1.   Movies: A Christmas Story, Dumb and Dumber, I Am Legend, The Dark Knight, Caddyshack and Up In the Air
  2.   TV Shows: Deadwood (3 seasons), Modern Family (2 Seasons) and Eastbound & Down (2 Seasons).

Before we start let me show you a “before” snapshot of what the folders look like for “The Dark Knight” and “Modern Family Season 2” as examples.

“The Dark Knight” shows just the movie and the subtitles (SRT) file:


“Modern Family Season 2” shows just the episode files:



  1.   Now let’s tell MCM to automatically scan for new folders every time that it is used.
    1.    If you want MCM to automatically always run in the background, go to “Application” again and select to have “Use Auto Scan” enabled. This will automatically scan MCM for any new movies and data every time that you open it.



 2. Shortly after you do this step MCM will automatically being scanning your files and downloading all metadata and artwork (Give it a few minutes to start on its own).

As the files are completed you will notice that their “status” turn from red to white in the top left panel. This indicates that they are completed and all information has been found.  If the movie is highlighted in yellow, that means the metadata is missing.  Most of the time the missing metadata is non-essential, so don’t get too hung up on yellow highlights.  When MCM is completely done with your library you will see a screen similar to the following (notice all the red is gone indicating that it not only found all the files but was able to download all the information for them).

  1.   When you select one of the movies on the left panel you can see what information and artwork was downloaded for you:
  1.   So now let’s take a look back inside those two folders and see what MCM did for us:


  1.   “The Dark Night”

Before MCM:


After MCM:


2.  “Modern Family Season 2”


Before MCM:


After MCM:


As you can see MCM really went to work. Each movie and show now has multiple pieces of artwork. And those other files? Those are the metadata files which have all the information about each movie or show. Wasn’t that easy? It is with your AssassinHTPC.

We recommend running MCM every time I add new videos to make sure that everything is loaded correctly and up to date.

Other Tips for MCM

  1.   One neat feature the new version has is that you can now take a group of movies and convert them to a collection. So instead of having to scan through 25 James Bond Movies, they show up as one movie folder and then when you open up that folder the individual movie posters for each individual Bond movie then show.  It’s a great way to keep your system organized.  MCM has made this simple.  All that is required is you put all the movies into one folder and then right click on that folder and click on “Convert to boxset/group”.
  1.   If you want to refresh a single file you can select that file on the left panel and right click and tell MCM to “Fetch meta data” or even “Fetch meta data as Movie”.
  1.   Sometimes MCM can’t find a movie. When this happens it will open a screen prompting you to go to IMDB and manually look up the movie.
  1.   When this happens select the “IMDB Lookup” hyperlink on that popup which is located just above the “OK” button. This will open up the IMDB search screen.
  1.   On the IMDB screen type and search the name you are trying to find. Once you locate the movie you are trying to add, open its page in IMDB.
  1.   Here is a screen shot of the url (web address) bar for the movie “Get Shorty”. Next select and copy that last portion of that address as shown below. Now go back to your MCM screen and paste this information in the “Enter An IMDB ID:” area. Hit “OK”.
  1.   MCM now knows exactly what movie you were trying to add and will fetch the information for you.
  1.   That’s it. It’s that easy.  We recommend opening MCM after every new movie that you add to get the most recent information.
  1.   For a large library of a few hundred movies fetching all the artwork and metadata can take several hours. This is completely normal as MCM is very thorough and retrieves every movie separately.
  1.   Close MCM when you are finished.  We’ve designed it to run quietly in the background in the tray in the bottom right hand corner of your system!