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Anywhere Access

Want to know how to access your media anywhere in the world on your tablet PC or smartphone? I show you how (step-by-step and illustrated, of course)

Actual shots from my 4.3″ Smartphone screen playing a movie over the cellular network from my HTPC/Server

Harmony One Guide Now Available

Now available is a much anticipated Harmony One for the HTPC guide. The contents of this guide are located in the guide contents tab.

It a great guide for those of you using any Harmony remote control and may change the way you use your HTPC forever (Hint: I show you how to use it as a mouse. I also show you how to launch WMC/Mediabrowser -OR- XBMC)


Assassin Guides Referenced Again (With Video)

M. Enois Duarte over at HighDef Digest has been doing a few pieces of his experience building and configuring a HTPC. He has been using my guides to help him and even posted a few fantastic videos of his finished product. Enjoy!

Building an HTPC, Part 3

“As I mentioned before, Assassin’s HTPC blog is an invaluable guide for this. The small price you pay for his step-by-step tutorial is practically nothing compared to the stress and headache you’ll save yourself. He provides pretty much everything you’ll need to know for making your HTPC function at its very best. From configuring BIOS and adding new hard drives, to ripping your movies and recording live TV, those not intimately familiar with computer hardware and software will be greatly indebted to Assassin’s guidance. (Because of the amount of time he clearly put into this, I won’t share any of his secrets. You’ll have to visit his blog.)”

HTPC Demo from M. Enois Duarte on Vimeo.